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Delectable Donuts

Scrumptious, fluffy, delicious dough. Fried ever so lightly, glazed or iced. View our selection and what days they are available.

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Custom Cakes

Our cakes are spread thick with sweet and natural buttercream or whipped icing from scratch. As long as you expect your cake to be fresh and for us to use the finest, all-natural ingredients...you will be happy.

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Come Visit Us

We’ve been in the same spot, right in the middle of downtown O'Fallon, Illinois since 1967, across from the red caboose. Our hours are as follows:
MTWTF   5:30am – 6pm
SAT           5:30am – 4pm
SUN           6:00am – 12pm

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Daily Specials

Check out our specials for any given day of the week. These are items not available every day of the week, so come and get them while you can!

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